Frequently Asked Questions

We ask that all potential retail partners have an actual storefront, brick and mortar type building that you sell from. If you have a lease agreement in a booth space, we will consider that as well.

Please no online only stores at this time. We prefer only stores with storefronts.

Our best sellers are definitely our Classic line. All of our Leather scents are what built this candle business. We always get rave reviews. Strawberry Leather, Boots ‘n Chaps (Classic Leather), and Vanilla Leather are the top three. Our newest scent, Southern Suede has also been a huge crowd pleaser. If you aren’t into Leather scents, I would suggest Paisley, Rustic Charm & Homestead.

Rustic Charm Candles are known for their amazing phthalate-free fragrances and we are complimented daily on scent throw and slow, even burn times. We scent each and every batch of candles to the maximums allowed by their wax. We use an American grown and produced, soy blend wax that has proven to be the best at scent throw. Our cotton wicks are just that, cotton…no additives, no zinc. They provide a nice even burn when lite and burned properly. The 12 oz. candles burn 90-100 hours when burned correctly.

All of our products are hand made in Texas from materials that are locally sourced here in Texas. We are a proud member of Go Texan and guarantee pristine quality with every order. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our suppliers, Candles may arrive with slightly different lids depending on supplier shortages. All of our products are chemical free and non-toxic.